Menion – Out of Sound / Out of Silence

outofsilencefront12cmI was listening to EdisonRex’s outstanding program Edison’s Electronic Review today on RadioSpiral, and was really struck by the music from one particular release:

I have not heard this artist before, nor do I know the first thing about them, but this music just blew me away.

I could call it prog rock, and I wouldn’t be totally wrong (or totally right, for that matter).  I could call it electronica.  I could call it post-rock.  I could call it ambient (in places).  I could say I hear shoegazer in it.  I could say I hear wisps of Steven Wilson in it.  I could say a lot of things, and I would not nail it.  All I know is that it really spoke to me.

And best of all, it is a free download for your listening enjoyment.  Grab a copy and see if you like it as much.

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