Playlist – October 27, 2017

What a fun show this was!  Not only do I always enjoy Halloween, especially the advent of Autumn, but tonight I got to pay tribute to one of the giants of experimental electronic music, Mark Stolk of NTNS Radio.

As always, the chat room was a place of great camaraderie and discussion, especially as we listened to the dark ambient and experimental goodness of NTNS.  If you haven’t visited the chat during a live program, I definitely encourage you to give it a try next time.  It’s easy.

Anyway, here’s the playlist from tonight’s program.  Lots of music for you to download and enjoy:

Jon7 – Central Time – NNTS02
Tim Walters – Two Thirds God – NNTS03
Hiroki Sasajima – Focus Part 1 – NNTS07
Specta Ciera – A Whole Bunch of Thunderstorms – NNTS05
Sylvie Walder and Entia Non – Des espace sans nom – NNTS07
Terje Paulsen – Kode 5.2.3 – NNTS04
Fugu Satanae – Family Vault – NNTS06
Pam – Nightmare – NNTS06
Altocumulus – Household Apocalypse – NNTS04

John Duval – Amoeba Fritters – NNTS05
John Lithium – The Transition / No Safe Harbor – NNTS05
Danadax – Monday June 13th 2005 – NNTS05
These Ears – Bathroom Floor Bassinet – NNTS07
Akoustik Timbre Frekuency – Self Perpetuating Memes Part 1 – NNTS07
Astrowind – Dream of the Lighthouse Keeper – NNTS05
Joe Frawley – Grounded Theory – NNTS05
Rose Red – Extirpated – NNTS03
at/on – Painters Room – NNTS06
Neon Lotus – Partitioned – NNTS04

Phillip Wilkerson – Mixed Media – NNTS03
Offthesky – Hall Inside Mirrors – NNTS05
ocp – I Did It In My Dreams – NNTS03
Eluder – Sun Prayer – NNTS06
Michael Hoffmann – The Walker – NNTS05
Stream69 – Dialogue – NNTS06
Celer – Untitled 6 – NNTS06
Strom – Black Sheep – NNTS05

Litmus0001 – Manchester Specification – NNTS04
Michael Trommer – Morning Haze – NNTS05
Mystified – Some Tension – NNTS04

You can download all this great music from here:

NNTS01 – the best of NTNS radio 2007

NNTS02 – the best of NTNSradio JanFebMar 2008

NNTS03 – the best of NTNS radio AprMayJun 2008

NNTS04 – The best of NTNS radio JulAugSep

NNTS05 – the best of NTNS radio OctNovDec 2008

NNTS 06 The best of NTNS Radio JanFebMar 2009

NNTS07 The best of NTNS radio AprMayJun 2009

See you next week!

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