Robert Rich Live on KFJC in 2014

I’m sure every other Robert Rich fan in the universe already knows about this video, and I’m just now catching up, but I stumbled across this today: a beautiful video of a wonderful live performance Robert did on a California FM radio station a few years back.

As a fellow ambient artist who tries to play live sometimes, it was cool to watch “how he does it” and to discover that he truly does have just two arms and two legs like the rest of us, and yet somehow creates such grand sound designs while performing live, such gorgeous music made with a relatively straightforward equipment setup.  As if there was any doubt, this is conclusive proof that it truly is the artist, not the equipment.

My favorite moment?  The very start of the performance when he checks his phone while the drone commences.  Like I’ve never done that … 🙂

Anyone who is a fan of ambient music, especially those who love Robert Rich’s music as I do, should give this video a thorough watch and listen.  It’s a testament to his singular talent, as one of the grand masters of ambient music.


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