The Ministry of Inside Things

moitse1So I and a couple of friends were up late last night listening to Star’s End, as we do every week.  By the way, this is a program you should put on your calendar and listen to often. There is no better source to hear ambient space music, particularly Berlin School influenced.  Plus, it’s hosted by a genuinely awesome human being:  Chuck van Zyl.

Anyway, last night was an exceptional show, with an hour long live in-studio concert by none other than The Ministry of Inside Things, an electronic duo consisting of Chuck van Zyl and Art Cohen.  My mind was blown.

75gat-moit10What a show these guys put on.  Sequences everywhere, layered with pads, mellotrons, sound fx, and of course Art’s perfectly-harmonious electric guitar.  I was particularly astonished at how smoothly the music evolved over the course of an hour, never growing stale, always keeping our interest, always delighting the senses.  It was simply a wonderful performance, Berlin School space music the way it ought to be.

If you don’t know about The Ministry of Inside Things, you should.    You can learn more at:

Check them out!

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