Playlist – November 17, 2017

0010265649_10We had a great show tonight, focusing on the wonderful space music of K.Markov.  Folks in the chat room had a great time talking about the music, about cats playing synthesizers, and the virtues of carbon-fiber electric guitars.

Here are the tracks I played and links to the artist’s albums on Bandcamp where you can get copies of your own.  I highly encourage you to check out his albums; they are very reasonably priced and contain some of the best Berlin school space music I’ve heard.

Hope to see you next week!


Plattenspieler – Self Released (2017)
Seite B


Species – Self Released (2016)


Transmission – Self Released (2015)
Comet 67P


Soul Keeper – Self Released (2017)


Organic – Self Released (2015)
Discovery of New Planet


On The Road – Self Released (2016)
On The Road


Easy Morning – Self Released (2016)
At The Harbour

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