Richard Devine Harmonic Symmetry

devine1What a wonderful time to be a music lover.  The technology has evolved to the point that it is no longer an impediment to the musician, a mechanistic tool that dehumanizes the sound.  It’s as flexible and as natural as a paint brush and palette is to a painter, in the hands of a true artist.

Richard Devine is one of those kinds of artists.  In his hands, technology becomes a mere means to an end, clay to be molded into something beautiful.  Check out this video.

The sheer number of modules and cables he has wired up attests to the complexity of the technology involved.  And yet the music he makes with it is lush, perfectly cohesive and sublimely well-composed.

I’ve long been a fan of Richard’s music, ever since the first time I heard him during an festival.  This is a great video to introduce you to his music and his ability to turn technology into the finest of art.  Highly recommended.

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