Playlist – December 1, 2017

cactusWe had a lovely program tonight to celebrate the advent of December.  Tonight we journeyed deep, diving into the dark soothing pool of ambience with a variety of new music to the program from a collection of great artists.

I was particularly excited to feature an unreleased piece by Sergio de Vega, an artist I’ve loved for some time who recently reached out to me.  Deep and hypnotic music.

As always, we had a lot of fun in the chat room talking about pinball machines, milk shakes, carbon fiber lap steel guitars, espresso, and catching up with old friends.  A great time.

Hope to see you next week!


Dimensional Time Shift
Anantakara – Dimensional Time Shift (2017)
Beat of Winged Uniting Souls
Ictus Of Infallibility Follow Your Sacred Heart Longing


Phobos – One Moment Live – Self-Released (2013)
One Moment Live


The Ambient Visitor – Whispers in the Wind – Self-Released (2017)
Whispers in the Wind Part 1
Whispers in the Wind Part 2


Sergio de Vega – Unreleased (2017)
Drone 271117 Final

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