Playlist – December 29, 2017

What a beautiful set of music.  Tonight we went deep into the music of Thom Brennan, exploring the many gorgeous albums and pieces that he has created over the decades.  Simply essential ambient music.

We had a nice time in the chat room hanging out and discussing the music, as well as underground nuclear explosions, cherry kombucha, Southern California, Japanese home organs the size of buses, and species of bell tree.   If you’re not in the chat during the broadcast, you’re literally missing out on half the fun.

Hope to see you next week!


Thom Brennan – Mist – Raingarden (2001)
Cedars Stand Against The Rain


Thom Brennan – Shimmer – Raingarden (2001)
Shimmer Part 1
Shimmer Part 2


Thom Brennan – Stories From The Forest – Raingarden (2008)
Stories From The Forest Part 4
Stories From The Forest Part 6

Thom Brennan – Beneath Clouds – Raingarden (1996)
Beneath Clouds Part 1


Thom Brennan – Mountains – Raingarden (1987)

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