Playlist – January 12, 2018

What a beautiful set of music.  Tonight, we had a special feature on the music of Max Corbacho, and what a lovely evening it was.  I played my favorite tracks from six of Max’s most recent albums, including two long players.  Simply magnificent music from a master of the genre.

I hope to see you next week!


Max Corbacho – Nocturnes – Self-Released (2017)
Dark Sky Opening


Max Corbacho – Splendid Labyrinths – Self-Released (2015)
The Flowing Path


Max Corbacho – The Ocean Inside – AD21 (2012)
Awaken Inside


Max Corbacho – Lost Links – Relaxed Machinery (2011)
One True Light


Max Corbacho – Ars Lucis – AD21 (2010)
Pillar Ascension


Max Corbacho – Future Terrain – GS Productions (2017)
Future Terrain


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