Playlist – January 19, 2018

What a concert.  Tonight, we had a special feature on the music of Emerald Adrift, which included a nearly hour long live concert by the same artist.  All I can say is that we heard some of the most interesting, evocative, and, frankly, kick-ass analog sounds I have heard in quite some time.  Thanks to David Herpich for performing for us tonight.  It was a real treat.

I hope to see you all next week!


Emerald Adrift – Unreleased (2017)
From The Flames


Emerald Adrift – Evening Hush – Earth Mantra (2009)
Shoreline Doubts


Emerald Adrift – Shifting Labyrinths – Earth Mantra (2011)


Emerald Adrift – Within The Purple Forbidden – Ethereal Live (2011)
Within The Purple Forbidden


Emerald Adrift – The Blue Flower – Earth Mantra (2011)
Train Station At The End Of Time

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