On the next BWDD: Janne Hanhisuanto

My beautiful pictureOn the next edition of Blue Water Drift Dive, we will continue the series of deep dives into the music of my favorite artists.  This week, we will focus on the music of an artist I have known and loved for many years:  Janne Hanhisuanto.

If you aren’t familiar with Janne’s work, you need to be. Also recording as Janneh, he is a multi-instrumentalist who produces some of the most effortless and engaging space music I have heard.  His work has the unique property that, even when listening for the first time, it seems instantly familiar and somehow just exactly right, as if nothing could possibly be changed, however slightly, without reducing the holistic impact of the piece.  To me, this is the mark of a great composer, someone who can create something tasteful and enduring, starting from absolutely nothing, and make it look and sound easy.  An authentic talent.

We’ll be listening to music from several of his albums, including two never before heard on RadioSpiral.  I hope you’ll join us!  And if you tune in, be sure to stop by the chat room and say hello.

Listen at https://www.radiospiral.net/listen

Join us in chat: https://mrspiral.slack.com

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