Thomas Park Retrospective on Blue Water Drift Dive March 9th

mystifiedJust a friendly reminder …

On March 9th, I’ll be presenting an exclusive retrospective on one of the most ground-breaking and prolific ambient artists ever:  Thomas Park.

Entitled The Music Of Thomas Park: 20 Years Of Creativity (A Retrospective), this never-before-heard documentary chronicles Thomas’ amazing odyssey through all forms of electronic music and presents the many ways his music has influenced the genre itself.

You can find Thomas’ music everywhere without even knowing it, as he has released under the artist names Mystified, AutoCad, Mister Vapor, Grid Resistor, Model 201, and many others.  It is not hyperbole to say that Thomas Park is one of the premier electronic and ambient artists ever, as well as a fascinating and wonderful human being.

Mark Your Calendar

I’m very proud to bring this work to you.  You don’t want to miss this …

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