On the next BWDD: Discoveries

planetOn tonight’s edition of Blue Water Drift Dive, I’ll be focusing on some music that I’ve personally discovered in the past few weeks.  Many of these releases have been out for quite some time, so this is really a chance for me to catch up, or at least start to.

But what great music I found!  It’s amazing to me that just when I think I’m familiar with most of the major talents in ambient music, I discover a new source and realize I know nothing.  One of the joys of this genre.

The music will start in space, with sequences abounding, then take us through some lush and brilliant light ambience, and close with some really choice guitar-based ambience.  A little bit of something for everyone.

The show starts tonight, Friday April 6 2018, at 10 PM Eastern time / 7 PM Pacific time / 3 AM UTC and will go at least three hours.  And, as always, if you tune in please come by the chat room and say hello, even if you can’t stay.  We’d love to meet you.

Listen at https://www.radiospiral.net/listen

Join us in chat: https://mrspiral.slack.com

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