On the next BWDD: Old and New Friends

The past few weeks I’ve been focusing on artists that I’ve personally not encountered before.  This week, I’m going for a blend.

I’ll be playing cool pieces from two artists I’ve not played before, Daniel Birch and DASK, and then playing some of my favorites from long-time friends like Arcticology, IXOHOXI, and Not Your Average Hippy.  There will be a little bit of sequency goodness, but overall this is going to be a lush ambient journey, full of vivid colors and lovely sensations.  I hope to see you there!

The show starts tomorrow night, Friday April 20 2018, at 10 PM Eastern time / 7 PM Pacific time / 2 AM UTC and will go at least three hours.  And, as always, if you tune in please come by the chat room and say hello, even if you can’t stay.  We’d love to meet you.

Listen at https://www.radiospiral.net/listen

Join us in chat: https://mrspiral.slack.com

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