Blue Water Drift Dive #7 – coming March 9, 2019

20190305_232708A gentle reminder to mark your calendars …

This Saturday, March 9, 2018 at 3 PM US Pacific Time / 6 PM US Eastern Time / 11 PM UTC, I’ll be broadcasting another live concert on YouTube and

There will be both a live video feed and a live audio feed – on my YouTube channel and at

Fun fact:  this set will be a collaboration with my longtime musical brother Scott Turner, who has contributed several pieces of live guitar-based ambience that I will be incorporating into the set.  Ordinarily my set includes copious amounts of me recording myself playing live and then playing those recordings back at opportune times during the live performance.  This time, some of those recordings will be Scott instead of me.   I can’t wait to hear the result!

Hope to see you there …

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