The return of Blue Water Drift Dive

Well, it has been a long vacation indeed. A few little unplanned detours in the path are the cause of the delay, but never fear, we have reached our destination successfully: Blue Water Drift Dive will return to the airwaves this Sunday as a weekly program on!

The show will be every Sunday evening, starting around 10/9/8/7p (2a UTC), immediately following the end of Tony Gerber’s fantastic Ambient Sundays program, and will last at least 2 hours. So we will have one continuous set of ambient music to center us and send us back into the work week well prepared.

The format will be simple: good ambient and electronic music, whether live or prerecorded. Some weeks the entire show will just be a live ambient set performed by me; other weeks the show may feature my favorite tracks by other artists; still other weeks may see me hosting a live set performed by friends. No matter what, the aim is the same: to restore a sense of mindfulness and comfort before we re-enter our working week.

As with all programs, the emphasis is on community, so of course there is a live chat that I will be present in during every broadcast, along with other listeners, friends, artists, and the occasional relative. If you tune in, I hope you’ll stop by and say hello!

See you tomorrow evening!

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