Palancar live on WPRB Music With Space this Friday night

2019-02-04 22_56_02-Palancar - HomeI am very excited to announce that I will be performing live on WPRB FM this weekend on Mike Hunter‘s fantastic Music With Space program!

If you’ve not listened to Mike’s show, I strongly encourage you to tune in (even when I’m not performing live).  I’ve been listening weekly now for the past several weeks and never cease to be blown away by the breadth and depth of the ambient and electronic music Mike plays.  Consistently excellent music – as Mike says, “for the space between the left and the right ear”.  Strongly recommended.

And on his show this Friday, February 8, I’ll be doing a live to air concert.  This will be the first time I’ve ever performed live on a terrestrial radio station, so I am particularly stoked and honored.  Fortunately for people not in WPRB’s listening area, the show is streamed live on the internet as well (press the Listen Now button), so you can tune in from anywhere at all.   I hope you will, and that you will keep coming back for more every week, as I love to do.

The show starts at 11p ET / 8p PT.  Hope to see you there!

Music With Space

For reasons that will probably elude me forever, I have only recently stumbled into this extraordinary radio program:


Just wow.  Mike Hunter / Ombient has an impeccable ambient palate and plays for several hours on WPRB on an evening that desperately needs an ambient keep:  Friday evenings.  If you’ve never tuned in, you can listen from anywhere.

Check it out … !

The Hypnagogue Podcast

hypnagogueSome more work listening for you.  Today I couldn’t decide which music to listen to while doing some head’s-down coding, so figured I should punt and let John Shanahan of the Hypnagogue Podcast decide.  So glad I did!

Folks, if you have never tuned in to John’s podcast, you simply must.  Essential ambient, electronic, and new age listening.  All extremely high quality and all super suitable for both active and passive listening.  My advice:  start with the most recent podcast and work your way backwards.  Literally weeks of glorious music.

Check it out!

No BWDD this weekend

Sorry folks, but I am going to need to juggle my schedule a bit owing to my daughter’s upcoming volleyball tournaments.  Consequently, this weekend’s BWDD #6 will be delayed.  I’ll be updating the event calendar as I get details on the various tourneys.  But never fear, I will be performing again very soon.

New Palancar release: Yurushiiro

coverI am proud to announce the release of my latest Palancar album:  Yurushiiro.

I am a Wikipedia geek. Yes, I admit it. One of my favorite pastimes is to go to the Wikipedia home page, hit the random link, start reading a base article, and then see where I end up. Often times I pass through quite a bewildering sequence of topics, usually ending up in quite a different place than where I started. Which is, of course, half the fun.

During one of these virtual journeys, I came across this interesting page, which describes the traditional colors of Japan, including which colors were reserved for the nobility (“kinjiki”) versus those that the common person could use (“yurushiiro”):

To be honest, it had never occurred to me that a country might have a formal national color palette. Such an fascinating idea. And of course the colors spoke to me, very reserved, subtle, orderly, and ancient, as one might expect when describing Japan.

Which inspired a thought: what if I was to create a series of pure ambient pieces and then see which color reminded me of which track, or conversely, which tracks reminded me of which color? Sort of a weak form of synesthesia. Well, this album, called Yurushiiro, is the result of that process.

I hope you enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed making it.