BWDD On Vacation

With Mountain Skies behind me and an upcoming family trip ahead of me, I’ve decided to take a brief vacation from BWDD, until after my travels settle down.

Also, I’ve been doing some studio rewiring with a bit of additional equipment and such, so I need the downtime to get that finished.

I’ll be hooked back up and ready to broadcast again by July, so please stay tuned …

Thom Brennan Soundgardens

IMG_0013They say that good things come to those who wait.  Patience is a virtue.  Etc.  Well, with the release of Thom Brennan’s new album Soundgardens, I say thank goodness that the waiting is over!

Yes, that’s right folks, after many years of quiet, Thom Brennan has just released Soundgardens, a lush, expansive collection of beatless ambient poems that only Thom could make.

I could give you lots of words to try to capture how I stoked I am about this release, but I can condense it down to one statement:  you need to get a copy of this album.  Trust me on this.  Here’s where you go:

Get Soundgardens here …

While you’re there, feel free to pick up a few other masterpieces as well …

Blue Water Drift Dive #8 Video

Apologies to those who attended the live concert but noticed that the video feed had no corresponding audio.  Dumb mistake on my part, of course.  Hopefully you tuned into the RadioSpiral feed while you watched the video.  Not perfect, I know …

In any event, I managed to salvage something out of the broadcast by using the video saved by the YouTube stream and pairing it with the audio that I recorded of the event.  The video quality unfortunately suffered (double encoding), but the audio quality should be very good.

Next time I will double check the audio ins on the video computer … !

Monochrome Masquerade live on RadioSpiral

Live right now on is the Monochrome Masquerade electronic and ambient music festival!  This festival started just a while ago and will be going for several more hours.  It includes some of my friends and colleagues from the electronic music world, great artists, and is definitely worth your time to give it a listen.

I’ll be performing an hour long set at 9p ET / 8p CT / 7p MT / 6p PT, so stick around if you’d like to hear that.


Hope to see you in the chat!

Music With Space

For reasons that will probably elude me forever, I have only recently stumbled into this extraordinary radio program:


Just wow.  Mike Hunter / Ombient has an impeccable ambient palate and plays for several hours on WPRB on an evening that desperately needs an ambient keep:  Friday evenings.  If you’ve never tuned in, you can listen from anywhere.

Check it out … !

The Hypnagogue Podcast

hypnagogueSome more work listening for you.  Today I couldn’t decide which music to listen to while doing some head’s-down coding, so figured I should punt and let John Shanahan of the Hypnagogue Podcast decide.  So glad I did!

Folks, if you have never tuned in to John’s podcast, you simply must.  Essential ambient, electronic, and new age listening.  All extremely high quality and all super suitable for both active and passive listening.  My advice:  start with the most recent podcast and work your way backwards.  Literally weeks of glorious music.

Check it out!