The ambience of Stephen Phillips

Another work day, another set of ambient pieces to listen to whilst coding.  Today I loaded up every single piece I have by Stephen Phillips, one of the great ambient artists ever, and put them on random play.  It has been much too long since I listened.

Here are some of the gorgeous pieces I am enjoying:

Neptune Is A Gas Giant

Installations 3 – A Sense of Warmth

Jupiter’s Moons

You can hear all of Stephen’s music at Dark Duck Records, which, by the way, is also one of the coolest ambient record labels ever, releasing some of the best ambient music anywhere by a variety of artists.

Check it out …

Discovering Simon Wilkinson

Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock, but today is the first day I’ve ever sat down and listened to a large chunk of the music of Simon Wilkinson in one sitting.  And I’m left wondering why the heck I have never listened before.

This is gorgeous ambient space music, perfectly produced, and simply exquisite.  Words often used but, in this case, wholly justified.

I strongly encourage everyone to head over to Simon’s Bandcamp page and check his music out.  Wow.

Kowalski Room – Modern Urban Starlight

I’m just sitting here coding away, listening to some good music to keep me in the zone.  Today’s music comes from Kowalski Room, an enigmatic ambient music project that seeks to find new music by layering and mixing bits and pieces of other sounds, scraps of music previously recorded, and other miscellanea.

They just released a new album, which contains three beautiful, restful pieces, which go perfectly with work, rest, relaxation, or even sleep.  Check it out:


And I will give ten points to anyone who can educate me as to who the artist(s) are behind Kowalski Room.  I have a suspicion, but would love something more firm …




Jeff Pearce live at AMBIcon 2013

Recently I had my eyes opened wide by a video Jeff Pearce put up covering Tangerine Dream.  I knew Jeff was a great artist, but had no idea he was a guitarist nor his utter command of the instrument.  So, intrigued by what I heard, I’ve been looking around and I came across this video of Jeff’s gorgeous performance a few years back at AMBIcon.  Another eye opener for me.

Check it out:

It never ceases to amaze me how creative and diverse ambient artists are, both in approach, technique, and instrumentation.  I’m so glad to have found this music space so many years ago, and to have been a small part of such a wonderful community.

Jeff Pearce covers Tangerine Dream

Oh my goodness gracious.  I don’t need to tell you folks what Love on a Real Train is, the gorgeous Tangerine Dream piece from the Risky Business soundtrack.  When I saw Jeff Pearce post that he had done a cover, I was expecting something with a lot of synths and, given his talent, an awful lot of goodness.

But I was positively gobsmacked when I saw the video.  Check it out:

I was certainly not expecting him to cover the entire piece with nothing more than guitar and looper.  Nor did I have any idea of what a virtuoso guitar player Jeff is.  He makes the instrument absolutely sing.  Astonishing.  What an artist.