Today’s music: Robert Carty’s Trails

a3826549200_10Just coding away at work, listening to Robert Carty’s excellent album Trails.  Such lush textures, flowing effortlessly and endlessly.  Great music to work to …

If you’re not familiar with Robert or his music, I strongly encourage you to stop by his Bandcamp page, which has over sixty albums to choose from.  A huge discography, and all of it uniformly superb. Highly recommended!




Irregular Journey – an Ambient Train Wreck release

a2596478581_10I’m happy to announce the release of another pair of ambient train wreck recordings, this time from December 2017.

Called Irregular Journey, this is actually a pair of distinct train wrecks, one called Irregular Satellites and the other called Journey Through Darkness.  Where one is a light and cheery romp through high Earth orbit, the other is a dark and pensive journey through the shadows.

I thought both of these live performances came out rather well, so I’m releasing them on the RadioSpiral imprint as a benefit for the station.  If you like what you hear, be sure to pick up your own copy – it goes to a good cause.

EugeneKha – Live at the Sound Museum, Saint Petersburg, November 11, 2017

0003866756_10EugeneKha, also known as Evgeniy Kharitonov, is a prolific musician hailing from Russia, who has been producing outstanding ambient and electronic music for as long as I can remember.  And I do mean prolific.  In fact, I’m hard pressed to think of anyone who has released as much electronic music as he has.  And the thing is – it’s all excellent.

Not only is he talented in the studio, but Evgeniy has also performed and recorded a great deal of live music.  Take this recent performance from about a month ago, performed at the Sound Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  He describes it as Dark Ambient, and certainly there is plenty of that to be heard, but he also segues into elements that sound almost world music in their origin.  A typical EugeneKha performance, always keeping you interested, keeping you guessing, and keeping you entertained.

Have a listen!


Today’s music: Dweller at the Threshold

dattSitting here at work coding away with some outrageously good electronic space music going in the background:   Dweller at the Threshold.  One of the ultimate space music bands ever.

What I love about these guys:  they are truly a band.  Not just a collaboration, or a festival, but a group of guys who composes together, rehearses together, releases together, and tours together.  And in the realm of space music to boot!

It’s too bad we haven’t heard anything from them in a long time.  Hoping that changes someday …

It helps that their music is exceptional.  It’s engaging, complex but not too complex, and beautifully engineered and performed.  You can read more about them and purchase music at the following links:

Star’s End Review

Purchase at Amazon

Purchase at Hypnos

Highly recommended.

Richard Devine Harmonic Symmetry

devine1What a wonderful time to be a music lover.  The technology has evolved to the point that it is no longer an impediment to the musician, a mechanistic tool that dehumanizes the sound.  It’s as flexible and as natural as a paint brush and palette is to a painter, in the hands of a true artist.

Richard Devine is one of those kinds of artists.  In his hands, technology becomes a mere means to an end, clay to be molded into something beautiful.  Check out this video.

The sheer number of modules and cables he has wired up attests to the complexity of the technology involved.  And yet the music he makes with it is lush, perfectly cohesive and sublimely well-composed.

I’ve long been a fan of Richard’s music, ever since the first time I heard him during an festival.  This is a great video to introduce you to his music and his ability to turn technology into the finest of art.  Highly recommended.

Impressions – an Ambient Train Wreck release


Those of you who tune in to my program regularly know that nearly every week I do a live performance of ambient music, which I refer to as “Ambient Train Wrecks”.

I thought the wreck I performed this past week, on November 10, 2017, turned out pretty well.  Well, it turns out that the good folks at were looking to start releasing on Bandcamp some live performance recordings from the various programs on RadioSpiral, as a way to benefit the station and help defray some of the costs. And so …

This release, called Impressions, is the result.  It is available as a “Name Your Price” download, which means you can get it for free, but I encourage you to donate a little bit as part of the download to help support this excellent net radio station.

Get your copy here …