BWDD – September 27, 2020

Please join me this evening for another edition of Blue Water Drift Dive on And tonight is “desert ambient” night! Yes, that lovely genre combining southwest motifs, ancient instruments, thunderous hand percussion, and the deepest, most meditative ambience on the planet. We’ll be on a journey through the darkest canyons and broadest desert plains, under a panoply of stars that must be seen to be believed.

To that end, I’ll be playing music by many of my favorite artists, including Steve Roach, Robert Carty, Shane Morris, Numina, Alpha Wave Movement, Ajnia, and Tange. Plus there will be a live set by yours truly.

The show happens tonight at 10p/9p/8p/7p ET/CT/MT/PT (2a UTC), immediately following the end of Tony Gerber’s fantastic Ambient Sundays program, and will last at least 2 hours. As with all programs, the emphasis is on community, so of course there is a live chat. If you tune in, I hope you’ll stop by and say hello …

Playlist – November 3, 2017

I hope everyone enjoyed our focus this evening on the amazing music of Ektoplazm, an outstanding netlabel offering all different kinds of electronic music, including a tasty selection of downtempo electronica and ambient electronic music.  It was certainly my pleasure to discover some new artists, and to share them with everyone.

Here’s the playlist from tonight’s program:


Healer – The Answer – HigherGrounds – Ektoplazm (2012) 


Ajnia – Earth – Elements – Ektoplazm (2016)


Healer – Polarity – HigherGrounds – Ektoplazm (2012) 


Ajnia – Fire – Elements – Ektoplazm (2016)


Healer – Apnea – HigherGrounds – Ektoplazm (2012)


Phobium – Phantom Vibrations (Part 1-3) – Basic Time Bending – Ektoplazm (2012)


Different Shapes – Searching For Light (El Camino) – Different Colors – Ektoplazm (2015)


Dislocated Mountain – Ektoplazm (2015)
Mountain 1
Mountain 2
Mountain 3
Mountain 4
Mountain 5
Mountain 6
Mountain 7


Jaja – Mita – Talis – Ektoplazm (2013)