Playlist – December 15, 2017

I just love sequencer music, and tonight was a great night to immerse myself in it.  I hope you enjoyed the music as much as I did!


K.Markov – Golden Age – Self Released (2017)
Golden Age


Guenter Schlienz – The Sardinian Tapes – Earth Mantra (2017)
Sardinia 4
Sardinia 9


Dave Fulton – Hard Particles – Groove Unlimited (1999)
Neutrons At Thought Pressure
Small Particles
Foreground Extractions
Random Images
Background Ambient Extractions
Hard Particles
Clouded Flats Of Radiation
Particle Reversal
Discarded Time
Neutrons At Rest


mon0 – Beyond – Test Tube (2008)


Dreamhub – Moments in Space – Earth Mantra (2010)
Into Orbit
Zero Gravity

Today’s music: Dweller at the Threshold

dattSitting here at work coding away with some outrageously good electronic space music going in the background:   Dweller at the Threshold.  One of the ultimate space music bands ever.

What I love about these guys:  they are truly a band.  Not just a collaboration, or a festival, but a group of guys who composes together, rehearses together, releases together, and tours together.  And in the realm of space music to boot!

It’s too bad we haven’t heard anything from them in a long time.  Hoping that changes someday …

It helps that their music is exceptional.  It’s engaging, complex but not too complex, and beautifully engineered and performed.  You can read more about them and purchase music at the following links:

Star’s End Review

Purchase at Amazon

Purchase at Hypnos

Highly recommended.