Playlist – January 26, 2018

What a beautiful evening.  We had a wonderful time immersing ourselves in the music of Janne Hanhisuanto.  A truly stunning and remarkably diverse set of music, one of my favorite recent programs.

One fascinating factoid – Synastasia was made using SYNA, a hand-built synthesizer of Janne’s own design.  In his own words:

SYNA is a 3 year project which ended last autumn.  Some 200 meters of wire are inside, along with 169 knobs and pots.  I wanted to have controls, you know oscillator type, filters, right at hand without menu diving.  Ninety five percent of the components are resistors, capacitors and op amps.  It is a thesis work.

Here’s a video of Janne demonstrating SYNA:


And here is tonight’s playlist.  Hope to see you next week!

Janne Hanhisuanto – Icescapes – Earth Mantra (2010)
Icescapes Movement 1
Icescapes Movement 2
Icescapes Movement 3
Icescapes Movement 4
Icescapes Movement 5
Icescapes Movement 6
Icescapes Movement 7
Icescapes Movement 8

Janne Hanhisuanto – Synastasia – Self Released (2018)
Synastasia 1
Synastasia 4
Synastasia 6
Synastasia 10
Synastasia 11
Synastasia 12
Synastasia 13
Synastasia 14

Janne Hanhisuanto – Padmospheres – Dharmasound (2007)

Janne Hanhisuanto – Circles in 3D – Auraltone (2011)
Circles in 3D Part 2
Circles in 3D Part 7
Circles in 3D Part 8
Circles in 3D Part 10

Janne Hanhisuanto – Water Stories – Earth Mantra (2010)
Rain Song
Fog at the Sea
Deep Blue
Standing Wave

Janne Hanhisuanto – I Space – Cold Tear (2011)
Beauty of Simple Things
Guardian Spirit
Good Night

On the next BWDD: Janne Hanhisuanto

My beautiful pictureOn the next edition of Blue Water Drift Dive, we will continue the series of deep dives into the music of my favorite artists.  This week, we will focus on the music of an artist I have known and loved for many years:  Janne Hanhisuanto.

If you aren’t familiar with Janne’s work, you need to be. Also recording as Janneh, he is a multi-instrumentalist who produces some of the most effortless and engaging space music I have heard.  His work has the unique property that, even when listening for the first time, it seems instantly familiar and somehow just exactly right, as if nothing could possibly be changed, however slightly, without reducing the holistic impact of the piece.  To me, this is the mark of a great composer, someone who can create something tasteful and enduring, starting from absolutely nothing, and make it look and sound easy.  An authentic talent.

We’ll be listening to music from several of his albums, including two never before heard on RadioSpiral.  I hope you’ll join us!  And if you tune in, be sure to stop by the chat room and say hello.

Listen at

Join us in chat:

Playlist – December 22, 2017

ob12 cleanIt’s always wonderful to celebrate the return of an old friend, and tonight was my opportunity to do that for my beloved Oberheim OB-12.  We had a great time listening to music inspired by the color blue, and chit chatting about hiking in Japan, the evils of internet service providers, Debussy doing Satie, revolving organ bars, and the mysterious Christmas Asparagus.  Don’t ask – you had to be in the chat room at the time to understand that reference.

The night was cold and wet but the music was warm and inviting.  Hope to see you next week!


Mystahr – Forrae – Blue Water Records (2005)
Oceans Of Blue


Vidna Obmana – Twilight of Perception – Projekt (1995)
Over Blue Mountains


Lucette Bourdin – Golden Sun – Earth Mantra (2009)
Blue and Glowing Days


Robert Rich and Ian Boddy – React – DiN (2008)
Blue Moon


Conni St. Pierre – Beneath The Waves (Legends of Lost Cities) – Self-Released (1998)
Ocean Beautiful, Ocean Blue


Spheruleus – The Disguised Familiar – Earth Mantra (2009)
Blue Moon


Sylvie Walder and Phillip Wilkerson – Transience – Earth Mantra (2008)
Blue Grass


Fellirium – Sapphire – Self Released (2008)
Blue Background


Fellirium – Nightfall – Self Released (2011)
Blue Flowers


Scott Lawlor – Neptune – Earth Mantra (2014)
The Mystical Blue World


Quosp – Blue EP – Metanoia (2007)


Numina – The Haunting Silence – Self Released (2001)
Blue Shift


Tone Ghost Ether – Condor Sail Curve – Earth Mantra (2008)
Blue Smoke Screen


Janne Hanhisuanto – Water Stories – Earth Mantra (2010)
Deep Blue


Tony Gerber – Colour My Dream – Earth Mantra (2009)
Dream Blue


Arcticology – Looking for Satellites – Earth Mantra (2008)
Blue and Green


Emerald Adrift – The Blue Flower – Earth Mantra (2009)
Resisting the Current


SineRider – Like a Ray of Light – BFW Recordings (2010)
Blue and Orange Around White Objects


IXOHOXI – Ambient Tone Poems II – Self Released (2003)
Incandescent Blue Morpho


Thom Brennan – Vibrant Water – Raingarden (2001)
Blue Depths


Richard Lainhart – The Deep Blue of Twilight – Self Released (2009)
The Deep Blue of Twilight