BWDD – November 22, 2020

It’s variety night on Blue Water Drift Dive! Actually, it’s not, but it might seem that way. Stylistically, we will be covering quite a bit of ground tonight, but there is some method to the moshpit. For me, tonight is about telling a story.

It’s about an upcoming holiday, a special day of the year with a complex background, simultaneously revered as a symbol of peace and gratitude while also viewed by some as the celebration of a genocide. Both are true, in my view, and that is the story I hope to tell tonight. It begins in darkness and violence and despair, navigating a path through a silent wasteland, then finding new life and new growth, ultimately bringing us to a very quiet personal place, away from all the trouble of the past. For me, this is the true meaning of the holiday: giving thanks individually. Nothing more, simple personal gratitude, in this place and in this moment.

Will tonight’s music successfully tell that story? I hope so. And I hope you’ll join us for the program. We’ll be playing music by a panoply of artists, including Thom Brennan, Numina, Robert Carty, Shane Morris, Bill Baxter, Cluster Balm, Meho, c.paradisi, Bing Satellites, North Hive, Robert Rich, and Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf. To name just a few. Hope you tune in!

There will also be an unusual live set tonight, where I focus on live generative music. To me, this is an interesting concept I’ve been playing with lately, to answer the question: what kind of live music can I make with only a mixer and a couple of knobs to play with? Will the experiment work? Find out tonight!

The show happens tonight at 10p/9p/8p/7p ET/CT/MT/PT (2a UTC), immediately following the end of Tony Gerber’s fantastic Ambient Sundays program, and will last at least 2 hours. As with all programs, the emphasis is on community, so of course there is a live chat.

If you tune in, I hope you’ll stop by and say hello …

Playlist – December 8, 2017

dark2For me, this show was something special.  It’s not every day that I take a breath and go deep with the dark ambient genre for an extended period of time.  Tonight we journeyed through the hinterlands of ambience, contemplated the sights and sounds around us, plunged headlong through the valley of the shadow, and emerged refreshed by the experience.

As usual, a fun time was had by all in the chat room, as we discussed the virtues of various California wines, winter in Canada, singing tea pots, pickled garlic, and essential oil aromatherapy.

The night was cold, the hearth was warm, the music was fathomless, and the company was wonderful.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hope to see you next week …


EugeneKha – Black Heath – Earth Mantra (2010)
Black Heath (The Long Atmospheric Mix)


:sinclair: – 0306 – Earth Mantra (2011)


Not Your Average Hippy – Warm Ground Dark Sky – Earth Mantra (2008)
Voices Sixty Sixty
Warm Ground Dark Sky


Red Fog – Dronerider – Self Released (2010)
Electric Skulls in the Frozen Sea


Red Fog – Zone of Avoidance – Self Released (2013)
Forest of Diodes


:retreat: – Lordes – Earth Mantra (2010)
Lordes 01


Meho – Brojevi – crnazemljanetlabel (2015)


Meho – Delta Sleep – crnazemljanetlabel (2015)
Slow Wave Sleep


Darkness and Silence – Victory in Europe – Far From Showbiz (2005)
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII
Part IX