BWDD – September 27, 2020

Please join me this evening for another edition of Blue Water Drift Dive on And tonight is “desert ambient” night! Yes, that lovely genre combining southwest motifs, ancient instruments, thunderous hand percussion, and the deepest, most meditative ambience on the planet. We’ll be on a journey through the darkest canyons and broadest desert plains, under a panoply of stars that must be seen to be believed.

To that end, I’ll be playing music by many of my favorite artists, including Steve Roach, Robert Carty, Shane Morris, Numina, Alpha Wave Movement, Ajnia, and Tange. Plus there will be a live set by yours truly.

The show happens tonight at 10p/9p/8p/7p ET/CT/MT/PT (2a UTC), immediately following the end of Tony Gerber’s fantastic Ambient Sundays program, and will last at least 2 hours. As with all programs, the emphasis is on community, so of course there is a live chat. If you tune in, I hope you’ll stop by and say hello …

Steve Roach – Skeleton Keys

If you’ve been paying attention at all to the world of electronic music, you are probably already aware of Steve Roach’s Grammy award for his magnificent album Spiral Revelation, which reflects his recent move back towards his roots in the world of analog synthesizer music.  Followed by such albums as Molecules of Motion and Electron Birth, I think it is safe to say that he is firmly back in sequencer music territory.

Well, Steve is back at the modular synth again, this time with a sublime collection of electronic ambient pieces called Skeleton Keys.


I cannot speak highly enough of this album.  I’ve listened to it multiple times already since it was released a few days ago, and I’m just gobsmacked.  If you love Berlin School electronica, synthesizer music, or ambient music in general, you owe it to yourself to check it out.  Spectacular.




Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf – Tales From The Ultra Tribe

1eb4ba90d3a4496aa76fde2fc49af9d0While in a coding frenzy at work today, I decided I needed a little tribal ambient to energize and focus me.  So who else should I reach out to but the two masters of this genre, Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf, whose legendary collaborations have produced some of the finest tribal ambient music ever recorded.

So I spun up their iconic release Tales From The Ultra Tribe.  And I am reminded, yet again, why these two guys are regarded so highly in the ambient world.  Absolutely pristine, mature ambience with Metcalf’s signature trance-inducing hand percussion.  If you are looking for some good music to work to, or just some good music, look no further.  Highly recommended.

Two exciting live concerts this weekend

It turns out that this weekend, August 4-5, is going to be a great one for lovers of electronic and ambient music.

First off, none other than Steve Roach will be performing live on, both Saturday and Sunday evenings at 10p ET / 7p PT.


I heard his last on air concert, and it was a masterwork.  Don’t miss this!

And if that wasn’t enough, on Star’s End early Sunday morning, Jason Sloan will be performing live.


I’ve heard Jason perform numerous times and he is always brilliant.  Check it out!




Playlist – October 20, 2017

It was a fun show this evening!  It’s always a pleasure to hang out in the chat room and chit chat while listening to some great ambient music, from folks like Steve Roach, Forrest Fang, Shane Morris, and Thom Brennan.  If you ‘re listening but not chatting, you’re definitely missing out on half of the fun.

Here’s the playlist from tonight’s program:

Steve Roach – Destination Horizon – Life Sequence – Projekt (2003) 

Shane Morris and Q – Drifting to the Great Unknown – The Ascent – Self-Released (2016)

ELYA – Pastoruri – Glaciers – La Bel (2016)

The Ambient Visitor – The Journey Continues Part One – The Journey Continues – Self-Released (2017)

Forrest Fang – The Hallucinations of Hung Tung – Phantoms – Projekt (2009)

Lingua Lustra – Wave 4 – Waves (Rolling from the Edges of Time) – Earth Mantra (2016)

Thom Brennan – Beneath Clouds Part 4 – Beneath Clouds – Arya (1996)