Thom Brennan Soundgardens

IMG_0013They say that good things come to those who wait.  Patience is a virtue.  Etc.  Well, with the release of Thom Brennan’s new album Soundgardens, I say thank goodness that the waiting is over!

Yes, that’s right folks, after many years of quiet, Thom Brennan has just released Soundgardens, a lush, expansive collection of beatless ambient poems that only Thom could make.

I could give you lots of words to try to capture how I stoked I am about this release, but I can condense it down to one statement:  you need to get a copy of this album.  Trust me on this.  Here’s where you go:

Get Soundgardens here …

While you’re there, feel free to pick up a few other masterpieces as well …

Playlist – December 29, 2017

What a beautiful set of music.  Tonight we went deep into the music of Thom Brennan, exploring the many gorgeous albums and pieces that he has created over the decades.  Simply essential ambient music.

We had a nice time in the chat room hanging out and discussing the music, as well as underground nuclear explosions, cherry kombucha, Southern California, Japanese home organs the size of buses, and species of bell tree.   If you’re not in the chat during the broadcast, you’re literally missing out on half the fun.

Hope to see you next week!


Thom Brennan – Mist – Raingarden (2001)
Cedars Stand Against The Rain


Thom Brennan – Shimmer – Raingarden (2001)
Shimmer Part 1
Shimmer Part 2


Thom Brennan – Stories From The Forest – Raingarden (2008)
Stories From The Forest Part 4
Stories From The Forest Part 6

Thom Brennan – Beneath Clouds – Raingarden (1996)
Beneath Clouds Part 1


Thom Brennan – Mountains – Raingarden (1987)

On the next BWDD: Thom Brennan

logo_2The depth of winter.  Another year gone, with a new unexplored year coming fast.  And I can think of no better way to reminisce about the past and look forward to the future than to spend an evening with the music of one of my very favorite artists, Thom Brennan.

If you’re not familiar with Thom’s work, you should be.  He is one of the essential electronic artists, with prominent releases going back all the way to 1986.  He produces pure, immersive ambient music that can only be described as fathomless, music where minutes fly by despite the apparent statelessness of the composition.  Gorgeous, profound electronic ambience that is good for the soul.

I hope you’ll join me tomorrow evening for my program where we will embark on a lush journey through the broad body of Thom’s music.  There will also be a live performance that hopefully evokes some of the many ways that his music has influenced my own.

The show starts Friday, December 29, 2017 at 7 PM US Pacific time / 10 PM US Easter time (December 30 at 3 AM UTC) and lasts at least three hours.

I hope you’ll join us!  And if you tune in, be sure to stop by the chat room and say hello.

Listen at

Join us in chat:

Playlist – December 22, 2017

ob12 cleanIt’s always wonderful to celebrate the return of an old friend, and tonight was my opportunity to do that for my beloved Oberheim OB-12.  We had a great time listening to music inspired by the color blue, and chit chatting about hiking in Japan, the evils of internet service providers, Debussy doing Satie, revolving organ bars, and the mysterious Christmas Asparagus.  Don’t ask – you had to be in the chat room at the time to understand that reference.

The night was cold and wet but the music was warm and inviting.  Hope to see you next week!


Mystahr – Forrae – Blue Water Records (2005)
Oceans Of Blue


Vidna Obmana – Twilight of Perception – Projekt (1995)
Over Blue Mountains


Lucette Bourdin – Golden Sun – Earth Mantra (2009)
Blue and Glowing Days


Robert Rich and Ian Boddy – React – DiN (2008)
Blue Moon


Conni St. Pierre – Beneath The Waves (Legends of Lost Cities) – Self-Released (1998)
Ocean Beautiful, Ocean Blue


Spheruleus – The Disguised Familiar – Earth Mantra (2009)
Blue Moon


Sylvie Walder and Phillip Wilkerson – Transience – Earth Mantra (2008)
Blue Grass


Fellirium – Sapphire – Self Released (2008)
Blue Background


Fellirium – Nightfall – Self Released (2011)
Blue Flowers


Scott Lawlor – Neptune – Earth Mantra (2014)
The Mystical Blue World


Quosp – Blue EP – Metanoia (2007)


Numina – The Haunting Silence – Self Released (2001)
Blue Shift


Tone Ghost Ether – Condor Sail Curve – Earth Mantra (2008)
Blue Smoke Screen


Janne Hanhisuanto – Water Stories – Earth Mantra (2010)
Deep Blue


Tony Gerber – Colour My Dream – Earth Mantra (2009)
Dream Blue


Arcticology – Looking for Satellites – Earth Mantra (2008)
Blue and Green


Emerald Adrift – The Blue Flower – Earth Mantra (2009)
Resisting the Current


SineRider – Like a Ray of Light – BFW Recordings (2010)
Blue and Orange Around White Objects


IXOHOXI – Ambient Tone Poems II – Self Released (2003)
Incandescent Blue Morpho


Thom Brennan – Vibrant Water – Raingarden (2001)
Blue Depths


Richard Lainhart – The Deep Blue of Twilight – Self Released (2009)
The Deep Blue of Twilight


Playlist – October 20, 2017

It was a fun show this evening!  It’s always a pleasure to hang out in the chat room and chit chat while listening to some great ambient music, from folks like Steve Roach, Forrest Fang, Shane Morris, and Thom Brennan.  If you ‘re listening but not chatting, you’re definitely missing out on half of the fun.

Here’s the playlist from tonight’s program:

Steve Roach – Destination Horizon – Life Sequence – Projekt (2003) 

Shane Morris and Q – Drifting to the Great Unknown – The Ascent – Self-Released (2016)

ELYA – Pastoruri – Glaciers – La Bel (2016)

The Ambient Visitor – The Journey Continues Part One – The Journey Continues – Self-Released (2017)

Forrest Fang – The Hallucinations of Hung Tung – Phantoms – Projekt (2009)

Lingua Lustra – Wave 4 – Waves (Rolling from the Edges of Time) – Earth Mantra (2016)

Thom Brennan – Beneath Clouds Part 4 – Beneath Clouds – Arya (1996)