Pirate Raid! Copal River unreleased music extravanganza …

My buddies Scott Turner, Scott Ruof, and I have recently made a habit of tuning in to Star’s End together every week, hanging out in a chat room while we listen and chit chat to the music.  It’s a great way to end our Saturday evenings.  Unfortunately, we discovered yesterday that Star’s End has been preempted by some undefined special programming put on by WXPN:

No Stars End

Now, don’t get me wrong — I’m a big fan of WXPN.  In fact, I’m a member, even though I don’t live remotely near their broadcast area, just because they host Chuck’s program.  But we were seriously bummed!  What to do on a Saturday night late when we are jonesing to listen to some ambient music?

thumbnailThe answer is clear:  I have to lead a pirate raid!  Arrrrrr.  So, tonight starting at 10p US Pacific Time / 1a US Eastern Time (the same time slot as Star’s End), I will be doing an impromptu radio program on RadioSpiral. Tonight I’ll be spinning unreleased Copal River music, stuff that I promise you’ve never heard before.  These are either live jams that Scott Turner and I performed, either on-air or out at his beautiful lakeside retreat, or are unreleased studio tracks that have not yet found their way onto an album, one way or another.  Should be great fun, and I hope you join us for this pirate raid …

If you’ve never tuned into Star’s End, by the way, it’s essential listening for anyone who loves ambient space music in all its forms.  And Chuck van Zyl is a quality human being who has done more for the genre and for ambient artists than just about anyone.  Highly recommended.

Listen at https://www.radiospiral.net/listen

Join us in chat: https://mrspiral.slack.com

Playlist – December 1, 2017

cactusWe had a lovely program tonight to celebrate the advent of December.  Tonight we journeyed deep, diving into the dark soothing pool of ambience with a variety of new music to the program from a collection of great artists.

I was particularly excited to feature an unreleased piece by Sergio de Vega, an artist I’ve loved for some time who recently reached out to me.  Deep and hypnotic music.

As always, we had a lot of fun in the chat room talking about pinball machines, milk shakes, carbon fiber lap steel guitars, espresso, and catching up with old friends.  A great time.

Hope to see you next week!


Dimensional Time Shift
Anantakara – Dimensional Time Shift (2017)
Beat of Winged Uniting Souls
Ictus Of Infallibility Follow Your Sacred Heart Longing


Phobos – One Moment Live – Self-Released (2013)
One Moment Live


The Ambient Visitor – Whispers in the Wind – Self-Released (2017)
Whispers in the Wind Part 1
Whispers in the Wind Part 2


Sergio de Vega – Unreleased (2017)
Drone 271117 Final

On the next BWDD: ambience on the airwaves

autumnPlease join me tonight for another edition of Blue Water Drift Dive, tonight on RadioSpiral.net.

In this episode, we will focus on pure ambience, with less emphasis on beats and rhythms, and more emphasis on depth and environment.  I have a delicious selection of music in store for you, all of it new music to BWDD, which includes an unreleased drone by Sergio de Vega that I’m really excited for you to hear.

If you tune in, please be sure to stop by the chat room and say hello, even if you can’t stay long.  I’d love to meet you!

Listen at https://www.radiospiral.net/listen

Join us in chat: https://mrspiral.slack.com

Playlist – November 24, 2017

Image uploaded from iOS (1)I knew that tonight’s program would have excellent music, but I will confess I didn’t fully realize how excellent until hearing it all end to end.  Tonight we focused on the music of Ombient, the great Mike Hunter and his endless fascination with ambient space music.

What a great collection of pieces, including a jaw dropping live set put on by Ombient and Chuck van Zyl at The Gatherings back in May of this year, a recording that benefits The Gatherings Concert Series.

We had a good time discussing the instruments we were hearing, the virtues of various analog sequencers, the joy of pickled garlic, and some of the books we have enjoyed recently.  As always, if you are listening but not chatting you are literally missing out on half the fun.

Anyway, here’s tonight’s playlist.  Be sure to stop by and grab some of this music yourself, and be sure to purchase an album or two to show your love and support for what you heard.

Hope to see you next week …


Unreleased Pieces
Alien Autopsy – 2015 Star’s End Halloween Broadcast (2015)
Winterregnum – Star’s End Solstice 2015 (2015)
Live on Music With Space (2011)


Sectio Aurea – Self-Released (2016)
Sectio Aurea
Undersea Minor
Olostanette Recumbent


with Chuck van Zyl – The Gatherings May 20, 2017 – Self-Released (2017)


Ombient – Self-Released (2012)

On the next BWDD: special feature on Ombient

stars_-_mike_hunter_-_17One of my favorite artists these days is Mike Hunter, who performs and releases outrageously good electronic ambient music under his Ombient project.  Tonight I am privileged to present a show dedicated to his music.

I’ve been taking a trip to Berlin lately, and tonight will be no exception.  Mike creates some of the most intriguing analog modular synth music, transforming the cables and knobs and flashing lights into cohesive and brilliantly orchestrated space music.  His music is surprisingly diverse, though, and you’ll hear it tonight.  We’ll start out in the world of Berlin, transition into a more world-influenced ambient realm, and then finish with some lush pure ambience.

I hope you’ll join me for this special feature. And if you tune in be sure to stop by the chat room.  You never know – Mike may even be able to stop by and say hello for a couple of minutes.  Hope to see you there!

Listen at https://www.radiospiral.net/listen

Join us in chat: https://mrspiral.slack.com

Today’s music: Dweller at the Threshold

dattSitting here at work coding away with some outrageously good electronic space music going in the background:   Dweller at the Threshold.  One of the ultimate space music bands ever.

What I love about these guys:  they are truly a band.  Not just a collaboration, or a festival, but a group of guys who composes together, rehearses together, releases together, and tours together.  And in the realm of space music to boot!

It’s too bad we haven’t heard anything from them in a long time.  Hoping that changes someday …

It helps that their music is exceptional.  It’s engaging, complex but not too complex, and beautifully engineered and performed.  You can read more about them and purchase music at the following links:

Star’s End Review

Purchase at Amazon

Purchase at Hypnos

Highly recommended.