BWDD on vacation

Just a quick note to let you know that Blue Water Drift Dive is on vacation at the moment.  I’m taking some time off to focus on making a couple of studio albums that are in process, as well as some personal things.  All good stuff.

Not sure exactly when BWDD will be back or in what form.  I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.  I’m thinking this will be a several week vacation so hopefully you’ll see me back on the air sometime in June.


Playlist – April 27, 2018

An evening of deep, beatless music and time with good friends in the chatroom.  Thanks for tuning in!  Hope to see you next week …

Tange – A Tub Full of Tange (2008)
25 March 2007

Kit Watkins – Rolling Curve (2000)
Rolling Curve

The Inventors of Aircraft – Unknown Language (2008)
All, Nothing
The Black Dog
The Sixth of June
It’s Calmer Outside
Time Vanishes
Unknown Language

Michael Sandler – Coyote Flutes (2005)
Coyote Flutes
They Came In A Pod
Long Space
The Lizard’s Eye

Disturbed Earth – Edge of Evening (2008)



On the next BWDD: Pure Ambience

Tonight on Blue Water Drift Dive, I’ll be presenting a selection of pure ambience for your listening pleasure.  With tones ranging from soft darkness to exuberant lightness, we’ll be hearing from the likes of Kit Watkins, The Inventors of Aircraft, Michael Sandler, Disturbed Earth, and Tange.  Inspiring, thoughtful beatless music in which to immerse your thoughts and soothe your nerves.

The show starts tonight, Friday April 27, 2018, at 10 PM Eastern time / 7 PM Pacific time / 2 AM UTC and will go at least three hours.  And, as always, if you tune in please come by the chat room and say hello, even if you can’t stay.  We’d love to meet you.

Listen at

Join us in chat:

Playlist – April 20, 2018

Some beautiful music tonight, from friends old and new.  I hope you enjoyed the program!

Daniel Birch – Ambient Experiments With A Yamaha PortaSound PSS-140 (2018)
Tape and Water
So Far Away

DASK – Abiogenesis (2018)
Storms on Venus
Kingdom of Dust

Arcticology – Deep Spring (2008)
Deep Spring
Structure Two

Scott Lawlor – Journey Through the Boötes Void (2015)
Behold the Boötes Void (Part One)

IXOHOXI – Sommus-A (1998)
Sommus-A Part 1

IXOHOXI – Ambient Tone Poems III (2003)
Floating, Drifting, Dreaming

IXOHOXI – Regenesis (2002)
Arise Again

2018-04-19 21_36_02-nyahep.jpg (79×79)
Not Your Average Hippy – The NYAH EP (2004)

Not Your Average Hippy – Stones (2004)
Lost In The Grass
Shoes On The Road

Jeff Pearce live at AMBIcon 2013

Recently I had my eyes opened wide by a video Jeff Pearce put up covering Tangerine Dream.  I knew Jeff was a great artist, but had no idea he was a guitarist nor his utter command of the instrument.  So, intrigued by what I heard, I’ve been looking around and I came across this video of Jeff’s gorgeous performance a few years back at AMBIcon.  Another eye opener for me.

Check it out:

It never ceases to amaze me how creative and diverse ambient artists are, both in approach, technique, and instrumentation.  I’m so glad to have found this music space so many years ago, and to have been a small part of such a wonderful community.