Richard Devine Harmonic Symmetry

devine1What a wonderful time to be a music lover.  The technology has evolved to the point that it is no longer an impediment to the musician, a mechanistic tool that dehumanizes the sound.  It’s as flexible and as natural as a paint brush and palette is to a painter, in the hands of a true artist.

Richard Devine is one of those kinds of artists.  In his hands, technology becomes a mere means to an end, clay to be molded into something beautiful.  Check out this video.

The sheer number of modules and cables he has wired up attests to the complexity of the technology involved.  And yet the music he makes with it is lush, perfectly cohesive and sublimely well-composed.

I’ve long been a fan of Richard’s music, ever since the first time I heard him during an festival.  This is a great video to introduce you to his music and his ability to turn technology into the finest of art.  Highly recommended.

Playlist – November 17, 2017

0010265649_10We had a great show tonight, focusing on the wonderful space music of K.Markov.  Folks in the chat room had a great time talking about the music, about cats playing synthesizers, and the virtues of carbon-fiber electric guitars.

Here are the tracks I played and links to the artist’s albums on Bandcamp where you can get copies of your own.  I highly encourage you to check out his albums; they are very reasonably priced and contain some of the best Berlin school space music I’ve heard.

Hope to see you next week!


Plattenspieler – Self Released (2017)
Seite B


Species – Self Released (2016)


Transmission – Self Released (2015)
Comet 67P


Soul Keeper – Self Released (2017)


Organic – Self Released (2015)
Discovery of New Planet


On The Road – Self Released (2016)
On The Road


Easy Morning – Self Released (2016)
At The Harbour

On the next BWDD: a focus on K.Markov

0010265649_10Boy, I’m excited about this.  One thing I’ve wanted to do since restarting my radio program is to do a show dedicated solely to Berlin school space music.  In fact, if you haven’t noticed, my ambient train wrecks are taking on a more sequencey vibe, as I am trying to evolve my own music in that direction.

Well, when I go looking for good space music, I go to Chuck van Zyl’s wonderful Star’s End program, every Saturday evening, and listen to hours upon hours of nothing but space music, with all the sequencer goodness I could ever want.

avatars-000061020142-sxbts9-t500x500As I listen to Star’s End, when I hear something I particularly like, I look up and note the name.  Hmmm.  K.Markov.  Scribble scribble.  Back to the music …. and … oh, that’s nice too …. oh it’s K.Markov again.  Scribble scribble.  After about four iterations of this across multiple weeks, I realized that I need to do a program on his evocative space music.

So it will be my great pleasure this week to present the music of K.Markov, a trip through Berlin-infused space that I think you will love.  Hope to see you then!

The show starts Friday November 17th at 7 PM Pacific Standard Time / 10 PM Eastern Standard Time (which is 3 AM UTC on November 18th).  If you tune in, be sure to stop by the chat room and say hello … we’d all love to see you.

Listen at

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Impressions – an Ambient Train Wreck release


Those of you who tune in to my program regularly know that nearly every week I do a live performance of ambient music, which I refer to as “Ambient Train Wrecks”.

I thought the wreck I performed this past week, on November 10, 2017, turned out pretty well.  Well, it turns out that the good folks at were looking to start releasing on Bandcamp some live performance recordings from the various programs on RadioSpiral, as a way to benefit the station and help defray some of the costs. And so …

This release, called Impressions, is the result.  It is available as a “Name Your Price” download, which means you can get it for free, but I encourage you to donate a little bit as part of the download to help support this excellent net radio station.

Get your copy here …


The Ministry of Inside Things

moitse1So I and a couple of friends were up late last night listening to Star’s End, as we do every week.  By the way, this is a program you should put on your calendar and listen to often. There is no better source to hear ambient space music, particularly Berlin School influenced.  Plus, it’s hosted by a genuinely awesome human being:  Chuck van Zyl.

Anyway, last night was an exceptional show, with an hour long live in-studio concert by none other than The Ministry of Inside Things, an electronic duo consisting of Chuck van Zyl and Art Cohen.  My mind was blown.

75gat-moit10What a show these guys put on.  Sequences everywhere, layered with pads, mellotrons, sound fx, and of course Art’s perfectly-harmonious electric guitar.  I was particularly astonished at how smoothly the music evolved over the course of an hour, never growing stale, always keeping our interest, always delighting the senses.  It was simply a wonderful performance, Berlin School space music the way it ought to be.

If you don’t know about The Ministry of Inside Things, you should.    You can learn more at:

Check them out!

Playlist – November 10, 2017

rrmor5Twas so cool to be able to do a deep dive on the music of one of my very favorite musicians:  Robert Rich.

We had a great time this evening taking a trip backwards through time with Robert’s music, spanning 35 (!) years of music, as well as chit chatting and goofing off in the chat room.  Every show is fun, but tonight was something special.

This playlist represents some of the best music I’ve heard from Robert over the decades.  However, it represents only a small fraction of the greatness there is to be heard in his catalog.  He has released so many albums, with such exceptional quality, that the only way to really hear him is to spend many days on end with a large number of his albums.  Alas, we have only three hours in my program, so I selected a sample that represents some of my favorite tracks.  Please visit Robert’s web site, and if you’re so inclined, show some love and pick up an album or three.

I hope to see you next week!


Filaments – Spotted Peccary (2015)


Ylang – Soundscape (2010)
First Rain


Music From Atlas Dei – Soundscape (2007)
Glint in Her Eyes
Night Spinning Inward
Terra Meta


Electric Ladder – Soundscape (2006)
Sky Tunnel


Seven Veils – Hearts of Space (1998)


Numena + Geometry – Hearts of Space (1997)
Primes, Part 1
Primes, Part 2
Interlocking Circles


Gaudí – Hearts of Space (1991)


Sunyata – Soundscape (1982)
Dervish Dreamtime

The Music of Robert Rich

imageartist_robertrich_1One of my very favorite artists in any genre is Robert Rich.  Not only is he one of the superlative ambient composers and performers of all time; he is also one of the creators and definers of the very genre I love so much.  Only a master of a genre actually influences the genre itself, and Robert Rich is one of those masters.

On my Blue Water Drift Dive program this week, I’ll be doing a deep dive into Robert’s music, exploring the extremely diverse landscape of sounds that he has created, from light ambient to analog electronica to dark tone poems to abstract ambience and back again.  We have a lot of ground to cover …

Also, I’ll be performing a live ambient train wreck that represents Robert’s influence upon me.  I won’t measure up to Robert, but I’ll do my very best.

I hope to see you there!  The show starts Friday November 10th at 7 PM Pacific Standard Time / 10 PM Eastern Standard Time (which is 3 AM UTC on November 11th).  If you tune in, be sure to stop by the chat room and say hello … we’d all love to see you.

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