Playlist – January 19, 2018

What a concert.  Tonight, we had a special feature on the music of Emerald Adrift, which included a nearly hour long live concert by the same artist.  All I can say is that we heard some of the most interesting, evocative, and, frankly, kick-ass analog sounds I have heard in quite some time.  Thanks to David Herpich for performing for us tonight.  It was a real treat.

I hope to see you all next week!


Emerald Adrift – Unreleased (2017)
From The Flames


Emerald Adrift – Evening Hush – Earth Mantra (2009)
Shoreline Doubts


Emerald Adrift – Shifting Labyrinths – Earth Mantra (2011)


Emerald Adrift – Within The Purple Forbidden – Ethereal Live (2011)
Within The Purple Forbidden


Emerald Adrift – The Blue Flower – Earth Mantra (2011)
Train Station At The End Of Time

On the next BWDD: Emerald Adrift Concert Live

emeraldadrift1I’m very excited to announce that, on the next Blue Water Drift Dive, I’ll be hosting a live on-air concert by David Herpich of Emerald Adrift.  And not only will there be a concert, but I’ll be doing an in-depth feature on the music of Emerald Adrift throughout the broadcast.

For those of you who might not know, Emerald Adrift is a nom de plume of composer and electronic musician David Herpich. Eclectic yet unified, the music of Emerald Adrift explores the unusual confluences of melodic synth-pop with avant-garde abstraction, meditative ambiances with propulsive rhythms, and purely electronic timbres with otherworldly manipulations of sounds from everyday life.

An interest in diverse synthesis technologies has led to the use of various commercial and academic computer-based applications, numerous additive, wavetable, FM, and analogue keyboards, and vintage rarities such as the E-mu and ARP 2500 modular systems. Throughout it all, Emerald Adrift has maintained a consistent approach to sonic expression which defies any obvious genre categorization.

David holds degrees in music theory and composition from the University of Kansas, and completed his master’s degree in contemporary composition as a recipient of the University Graduate Fellowship Award at the University of South Florida in Tampa. At both institutions, he focused his studies on electronic music, working under Michael Timpson, Paul Reller, and Edward Mattila. In addition, Herpich has written award-winning works for acoustic ensembles, scored theatre, dance, and film productions, and lectured on the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen.

The show starts at 7 PM US Pacific time / 10 PM US Eastern time on Friday January 19th (3 AM UTC January 20th) and will last at least three hours.  I hope to see you there!

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Playlist – January 12, 2018

What a beautiful set of music.  Tonight, we had a special feature on the music of Max Corbacho, and what a lovely evening it was.  I played my favorite tracks from six of Max’s most recent albums, including two long players.  Simply magnificent music from a master of the genre.

I hope to see you next week!


Max Corbacho – Nocturnes – Self-Released (2017)
Dark Sky Opening


Max Corbacho – Splendid Labyrinths – Self-Released (2015)
The Flowing Path


Max Corbacho – The Ocean Inside – AD21 (2012)
Awaken Inside


Max Corbacho – Lost Links – Relaxed Machinery (2011)
One True Light


Max Corbacho – Ars Lucis – AD21 (2010)
Pillar Ascension


Max Corbacho – Future Terrain – GS Productions (2017)
Future Terrain


On the next BWDD: Max Corbacho

fullThe past several weeks, I have been having a blast doing deep dives into the music of some of my favorite artists.  On this week’s Blue Water Drift Dive, I will continue on this trajectory, this time focusing on the stunning space music of Max Corbacho.

If you’re not familiar with Max’s music, you need to be.  He has been making ambient space music of the highest order since at least the mid-1990’s, with such iconic albums as The Resonant Memory of Earth, Moontribe, and Far Beyond The Immobile Point, any one of which would qualify as essential listening.  But with more than sixteen solo albums, and countless collaborations, Max has a discography of astonishing depth and quality, an ambient listener’s dream collection.  His music is both delicate and bold, possessing a tremendous scope without sacrificing any detail.  Simply magnificent ambience.

This week, I’ll be spinning some of my favorite tracks from several of Max’s more recent works, including two genuine longplayers.  I’m really stoked, and I hope you will join me in celebrating the work of this master artist.

The show begins Friday, January 12th at 7 PM US Pacific time / 10 PM US Eastern time (January 13th at 3 AM UTC) and lasts at least three hours.  As always, there will be a live ambient performance.  And be sure to stop by the chat room and say hello!

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Playlist – January 5, 2018

On a bitter cold winter’s evening, warm ambient music and chatting with friends is the perfect activity.  Tonight we celebrated the life of Lucette Bourdin, one of the great ambient artists of all time.  Her life was cut short but she left behind a magnificent body of work, including the three albums we listened to end to end.

As always, there was a fun crowd in the chatroom, where we discussed Lucette’s art as well as Emerald Adrift’s upcoming live concert on January 19th, the Voyager probe, chocolate gelato, and the merits of various soft synths.  A great time – if you tuned in but didn’t stop by the chat, you literally missed out on half the fun.

Anyway, here’s to Lucette, her life, and her music.  Hope to see you next week …


Lucette Bourdin – Silver Moon – Earth Mantra (2009)
Now the Moon
Walks the Night
She Peers, and Sees
Silver Trees
From Their Shadowy Cote
With Silver Claws
Moveless Fish
In a Silver Stream


Lucette Bourdin – Radiant Stars – Earth Mantra (2009)
Calm Lamps
Look Up to Outer Vastness
The Stars Which Sang


Lucette Bourdin – Horse Heaven – Earth Mantra (2010)
Inner Vastness
Torrent of Nectar
Fearless Light
The Luminous Ocean
Dweller in the Infinite
The Unnumbered Stars
Celestial Winds
Mystic Horse

On the next BWDD: Lucette Bourdin

One of the highlights of my experience in ambient music has been meeting and working with other artists, especially those whose work inspires me.  Of these artists, one of the most inspirational and accomplished is Lucette Bourdin, whose music I will be presenting in-depth on the next Blue Water Drift Dive, this Friday January 5th 2018.


The late Lucette Bourdin was a visual and music artist who was a native of France, having grown up in the villages and towns near the Doubs River in the eastern part of the country. The childhood phase of scribbling and coloring never ended for Lucette nor could several years of law school diminish her desire to become an artist. So, when she married an American and moved to the United States she felt her life was going to start over and her art would begin. Always an independent and self-disciplined individual, and feeling that the art programs available would only limit her expression, Lucette embarked upon a rigorous study of artists, color and design which eventually resulted in her own unique style.

Using watercolor/gouache as her media, Lucette developed a painting style which both expresses and evokes the subtlety of the soul. The outer landscape is a metaphor for the spirit that seeks expression as the light of transformation and redemption.

As accomplished at visual art as she was, Lucette was also a master of the ambient music genre, producing a wide ranging collection of albums that can only be described as masterworks. Lucette saw an interesting duality between the two forms of art, where the practice of one reinforces the practice of the other.

Lucette passed away in February of 2011, but her unique perspective on music and art lives on.  It will be my great privilege to bring you more than three hours of her intelligent and delicate ambient music, as we celebrate the life and art of a wonderful human being.

The show starts at 7 PM US Pacific time / 10 PM US Eastern time on Friday January 5th (3 AM UTC January 6th) and will last at least three hours.  I hope to see you there!

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